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Your business is important to you and it means more to you than money. It is part of the basic fabric of you and your family. You may have started the business from scratch, or the baton was passed and your are stewarding the business for the next generation. No matter where you are in the lifecycle, it is important to understand what accelerates value and growth and what creates sustainability and transition-readiness.

Running a business is not always easy. Your company depends on you to be at your best every day, in order to make it work. It used to be fun, but now the day to day demands on your time are making it harder for you to be more strategic with your time. Let’s face it – you want the business to run profitably without you and continue to create more value and growth.

At Birkdale Transition Partners, we understand that you may be overwhelmed operating your company and don’t have the time to develop a strategy for growing your business. Take our 15-minute survey and learn:

  • How well your company understands and follows best practices

  • Which areas of your company provide the greatest growth potential

  • Where there may be risk in your business today

  • How your risks and challenges compare to others in your industry

  • What your business could be worth if you fix these troubled areas


Let us start by providing you with a free baseline assessment that covers business value drivers and transition readiness. You will then receive a report to help guide discussion. Alternatively, you can reach out to us through this contact form. Thank you for your interest.

Contact us today to book your free strategy call,
or reach out directly at: 312-626-1820.

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