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My Big Fat Family Business

My Big Fat

Family Business

Whether your family has a business or not, families are complex! Layering family dynamics with running a business, different visions between family members and generations can cause a lot of problems. It makes for uncomfortable situations around the table, right?


Join Barry monthly as he shares critical advice for navigating the complexities of family-owned business.

Where are you in the lifecycle of your business outcome?

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In the Woods

Even if you’re deep in the woods, building your business, preparing for your eventual transition protects you in case of unforeseen changes and creates value for your business today. Planning now positions you for a more…


A business that is Transaction-Ready has several options to choose from. The choices are either internal or external depending on the goals and objectives of the owner and the specific situation.


Planning as early as possible is the key.  A successful transition to what’s next takes time, and should start long before the transaction. Studies have found that most business owners have between 80% and 90% of their net worth…

Ensuring you – and your business – are ready for the next step

Whether you’re just starting out or stewarding a business passed down for generations, you need to be prepared to eventually transition the business and move onto the next stage in your life. Knowing your goals and planning now can have a huge impact on the outcome.

Find out how Birkdale Transition Partners can help prepare your business for tomorrow by contacting us today to book your strategy call.

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Can I Afford to Sell?

Achieve your business transition goals

Is that all my company is worth?

Same Business Different Values - WHY?

Discover What Drives the Value of Your Business

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